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Banish the Dry, Flaky & Cracked: Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

January 28th, 2016

The holidays, and the snow, and the Superbowl — winter is great for lots of things, but it’s terrible for the skin. Moreso than rosy cheeks, the winter cold means dry, flaky, cracking skin; it’s not attractive, and sometimes it’s downright painful. But there is something you can do. Take care… to take care of […]

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Curl & Coif Your Way to the Perfect Holiday Party Hair in Fairfax

December 15th, 2015

December is all about family time, and charitable giving… and parties. There’s the office holiday party. And that ugly sweater party your BFF loves to throw every year. There’s the big family gathering on Christmas Eve. Christmas dinner with your in laws. Then, of course, the biggest party of them all: New Year’s Eve. And […]

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